Speaking in a new language the first few times is a giant leap forward – it’s an enormous boost to both your confidence and your commitment when you realize you can carry on conversations. But, it can also be intimidating. You freeze up, start to sweat, stress over embarrassing mistakes – we’ve all been there. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a no-pressure environment to practice speaking where you could relax, make mistakes, have fun, and learn?

We thought so, too. So we launched Duolingo Events in 2017, and since then, they have helped thousands of learners build their speaking confidence. These experiences are relaxed and friendly by design, hosted by fluent speakers, and a great way to practice speaking while having fun with other learners from around the world.

Duolingo Events fast facts:

  • Hundreds of fluent volunteers host events that help you practice speaking in your target language with one another.
  • Events are fun, free, interactive, and effective.
  • Events are currently online only, but prior to the pandemic, nearly 700 in-person events occurred each week in 900 cities worldwide. (We will resume in-person events as soon as it’s safe to do so.)
  • You can join the movement by becoming a host, too!

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Events have moved 100% online due to the pandemic, but we plan to continue offering online events even after we return to in-person events!
Prior to the pandemic, nearly 700 events per week were held in 900+ cities around the world.

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Join a movement of passionate hosts who bring free education to the world. By sharing your language skills and hosting fun events, you will:

  • Make an impact and change people’s lives
  • Meet learners from all over the world
  • Contribute to our mission to make education universally available

Being a Duolingo Host has opened amazing and unexpected chapters in my life. I am able to represent my own country and culture while making a positive impact on others’ lives. It’s so rewarding.Narmin, from Baku, Azerbaijan

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