For almost ten years, Duolingo has focused on developing the best and most broadly available language-learning experience in the world. As part of this mission, Duolingo launched Duolingo for Schools in 2016 with the hope of partnering more closely with teachers and students to create high-quality classroom learning experiences.

January 24 marks International Day of Education, a celebration launched by the United Nations to bring awareness to the critical role that education plays in global peace and development. One of the key areas of focus for International Day of Education is educational equity, which is also critical to the Duolingo for Schools mission. More than anything, the language classroom is a place where cultural differences can not only be embraced, but celebrated, and Duolingo aims to provide classroom tools that assist teachers in doing just that.

While the work to increase equity across EdTech platforms is never done, Duolingo for Schools has implemented a few key features to increase access for as many students as possible.

Student progress dashboard

Teacher dashboards on Duolingo for Schools highlight XP earned, time spent learning, and a student’s most recent assignment. By knowing exactly what students are working on, teachers can monitor whether or not their students have been able to access the platform and adjust accordingly. Best of all, this data can help inform instruction at their students’ “just right” levels, ensuring that each student gets the help they need, when they need it.

Personalized student lessons

We said it once, and we’ll say it again: Duolingo believes that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lesson. Duolingo for Schools uses AI technology to adapt students’ lessons directly to their needs. If students make mistakes along their learning journey, they will be cheerfully directed to try again—and they won’t be penalized for those mistakes. Duolingo will guide them through practice and review, so a student can take the time they need to learn the material.

Mobile-friendly platform

Duolingo’s app-based platform is designed for this moment, with many students resorting to mobile devices for access to their schoolwork. Rather than forcing students to struggle with buggy mobile-versions, we guarantee an experience that has been designed with learner success in mind. In fact, we believe our app-based experience is one of the reasons there are more people learning languages on Duolingo in the U.S. than there are in the whole U.S. public school system!

Consistent product for all

All too often, public schools have access to different materials based on the relative wealth of the neighborhoods in the area. Duolingo for Schools is different. Forever free to teachers, Duolingo prides itself on providing the same, high-quality platform to all users, regardless of factors like socioeconomic status.

Duolingo characters surrounding a smartphone that has a Duolingo lesson on display.

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