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Everyone has a different support system, but for many students, their mothers or another mother-figure help push them to succeed. We asked the Duolingo English Test Student Advisory Group, a group of 15 students from 14 countries, to share how their mothers have supported them in their journey to higher education. The tributes are meaningful reminders that we all need role models and strong support systems to help us pursue our passions… whether that’s a parent, a teacher, or a best friend! As you read these stories, consider who in your life has shaped your journey, and if it’s your mom, don’t forget to thank her this Sunday (and every day!)

To the moms who are everything for their children…

"My mother is virtue personified; she is an advisor, a mentor, and the embodiment of grace. Her smiles have a calming effect, and her prayers for my success are louder than her voice.

She is a woman whose resilience is worth emulating, whose simplicity is alluring and whose joy is contagious. This is no better advocate than Mommy Patricia Njumkerk!"
Blessing is from Cameroon and studies Business Management at African Leadership University in Mauritius

…to the moms who redefine “superhero”...

“At age 9, I was fascinated by Superman—he embodied my understanding of a "superhero". But as I’ve grown up, I realized that I have always had a superhero looking over me: my mom. Words fail to do justice to express the amount of gratitude I feel for my mother. Her upbringing is the reason I am where I am today. From being my very first teacher to being my biggest supporter, my mother for me is an epitome of selflessness and care. Happy Mother's day to all mothers out there and a big thank you for being the superheroes without capes.”
Rahul is from Nepal and studies Biology at NYU Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

A small heart

…to the moms who instill the importance of education…

“My mother had a big influence on my professional career, especially in learning English as a second language. I remember when I was in primary school my mom used to work for an American company where she learnt to communicate in English fluently. One day she decided she could give classes at home to support students in our neighborhood who couldn’t afford personalized classes or pay for an expensive Language Institute.

Mom used to prepare her lessons from the same English books she used to learn the language. Although she never studied to be a teacher, she was a teacher by nature, and now I recognize this had a profound influence on me.

Learning English from a young age was a huge advantage that allowed me to access more academic and work opportunities. And when I went to university, I had to work full-time and study at the same time. Mom prepared my meals, washed my clothes and waited up for me every night to make sure I had something warm to eat before going to bed. Her unconditional support allowed me to achieve my university degree.

I am grateful for my mom because she has been a pillar in my professional career. Because of her, I’ve been able to pursue my dreams."
Hans is from Colombia and studies Advertising and Marketing Communications at Humber College in Canada

…to the moms who show unconditional support…

I grew up dancing, which was a fun but demanding activity.Though it was me on the stage at every dance performance, my mom was the true star . Whether she was carrying my equipment and outfits, or, carrying the weight of my problems, she is always by my side. My mother has supported me in my academic journey as well as in every step of life. No problem will ever be too big, as long as I have the learnings my mom has given me and for that, I am forever grateful. Happy Mother’s Day to every single mother, thank you.”
Swetha is from India and studies Human Resource Management and Artificial Intelligence (Data analytics) at Northeastern University in USA.

…to the moms who are lifelong learners…

“My mother is 63 years old and she lives in Spain. She has not only worked all her life and sacrificed a lot to give us the best life we could ask for, but even now, she is working on improving her language skills to be closer to my daughter (her granddaughter). I moved to the U.S. in 2017 and married my husband who is an American citizen. Back then my mother started learning words in order to communicate with my husband. Over the years, my husband started using Duolingo to learn Spanish, and my mother started using it to learn English, both trying to communicate with each other. And after the birth of my daughter, her first granddaughter, she made an extra effort to learn the language.  My daughter is now 1 and my mother tries every single day to talk to her in English and Spanish to be able to communicate and create a close bond with her. I never met anyone who tried so hard all her life to please and love others as she does, and for that she will always be my role model.”
Andrea is from Spain and studies Information Technology at SNHU in the USA.


Whether it’s a mother, grandmother, aunt, or other mother-figure, there’s someone in your life that supports you as you strive towards success. Who is that person for you? Share it with us by tagging Duolingo English Test on Twitter and Instagram!