It seems like everyone is playing Wordle now (and we’re not jealous—you can only play Wordle once a day, and you can use Duolingo any time!). Have you tried the addictive letter-puzzle game? If you’re looking for a little extra language practice and a bonus round of Wordle, you’re in luck: there are a ton of copycats out there that have translated the game into new languages! This is more than a game– it’s a fun way to practice vocabulary!

If you haven’t played Wordle before, here’s the deal: you get six guesses to figure out a random five-letter word. The game will tell you if you guess a letter correctly and whether or not that letter is in the right “place” in the word.

And maybe you’ll find that you’re actually better at the game in your new language, since you’re spending every day practicing and reviewing vocabulary! (Right?)

Silhouette of Duolingo bird made out of green and yellow squares

Find the right Wordle for you!

➡️ Play Wordle in Arabic

➡️ Play Wordle in Catalan

➡️ Play Wordle in Dutch

➡️ Play Wordle in Finnish

➡️ Play Wordle in French

➡️ Play Wordle in German

➡️ Play Wordle in Hawaiian

➡️ Play Wordle in Hebrew

➡️ Play Wordle in Italian

➡️ Play Wordle in Irish

➡️ Play Wordle in Japanese

➡️ Play Wordle in Norwegian

➡️ Play Wordle in Portuguese

➡️ Play Wordle in Romanian

➡️ Play Wordle in Spanish

➡️ Play Wordle in Swedish

➡️ Play Wordle in Urdu

But, there are other ways to switch up your practice. Duolingo makes it easy to have a varied learning experience, with conversation lessons, Stories, and podcasts. If you’re still looking for more extra credit (gold star for you!) check out these ideas from our experts—permission to watch a TV show and call it language practice!