At Duolingo, we believe that practice does indeed make progress, and we’re always looking for creative ways to help learners review material and build on those skills as they progress along their learning journey! That’s why we’re so excited to launch the new and improved Practice Hub, a tab for reviewing previous material in a variety of engaging ways. This feature remains a Super exclusive, and we're looking forward to sharing this update with our dedicated subscribers!

Super Learners can find the Practice Hub tab by clicking on the barbell image at the bottom of your home screen (on iOS only for now, but coming soon to Android and web!) At the top of the hub, Super learners get targeted review sessions that rotate daily, and below, a place to review Mistakes and Stories on-demand, whenever you want! You’ll earn different XP depending on your practice activity.

An image of the Duolingo Practice Hub on an iPhone. At the top, the text reads "Today's Review" above a module called "Target Practice: Tackle weak areas with this customized practice." Learner is prompted to START for 20 XP. Below, a module titled "Your collections" has two sections: Mistakes and Stories.

When we designed the Practice Hub, we wanted it to focus on relevant, recent material. All of the practice content in the Practice Hub is based on your recent personal activity in regular Duolingo lessons. We’ve also provided opportunities to focus just on speaking and listening, which are two skills that learners often tell us they want to improve. We’re so excited for learners to start exploring this dedicated practice space, but we know you might have a few more questions! Read on for everything you need to know about navigating your new Practice Hub:

How often does the Practice Hub refresh or add new material to review?

Every day, the practice module at the top of your Practice Hub will refresh and offer a new, targeted practice session.

On any given day, you might see:
🎯 Target Practice, where you’ll focus on reviewing a specific topic, like Travel
🗣 Perfect Pronunciation, featuring 10 speaking exercises
👂 Listen-Up, featuring 10 listening exercises
Unit Rewind, highlighting a set of exercises from a recent unit

A side-by-side of all 4 practice modes. From left: Target Practice, Perfect Pronunciation, Listen-Up, Unit Rewind

There will also be a section called "Your collections"—this is a library of personalized content for practicing on-demand at any time. It includes mistakes review and re-reading Stories, and as of August 2023, this section also includes Words. This is where we automatically save all of the vocabulary you've learned and prompt you to review sets of words at a given time with a quick practice session.

Is the Practice Hub the only way to review material on Duolingo?

Not at all! Practice is actually built into your new learning path—we use spaced repetition to ensure that you’re reviewing concepts regularly by placing specific practice levels along the path. You can also redo a previous gilded lesson or Story on the path directly. But think of Practice Hub as a tool for guiding you on what to focus on based on your activity in the app. The Practice Hub is the place where Duolingo will tell you what to review and when.

Can the Practice Hub help you advance towards Monthly Challenge goals?

Yes! Lessons in the Practice Hub are, well, lessons. A Listen Up module will help you complete a Daily Quest around listening practice, XP earned will help you hit your daily XP goal, and so on.

Can I review Stories in the Practice Hub?

Yes! Stories can be reviewed on the path directly, or you can access your full Stories library by going to the Collections section of the Practice Hub. This is available to all learners—both free learners and Super subscribers!

Two iPhone screens. The left shows the Practice Hub home screen. A green arrow marks the "Stories" button on the left iPhone. The arrow connects to the iPhone screen on the right, which is the Stories library. At the top, it says TIME TO REVIEW, prompting the learner to review a Story with Vikram. Below, "Your library" shows four older Stories the learner can review.