Have you noticed Duo’s makeover? If you’re a current Plus subscriber you might notice a new psychedelic look—and if you’ve always wanted to try the premium Duolingo experience, now is your moment! We’re excited to unveil Super Duolingo, a new look for the supercharged learning experience you know and love!

Super Duolingo has all of the features you love from Duolingo Plus, but in a sleeker, more colorful package. Super Duo has been waiting to meet you, but we understand you might have a few questions before jumping into practice. Here’s everything you want to know—and more!—about the new look.


Why did we change the name to “Super”?

“Duolingo Plus” was a fine name, but it’s a bit expected for an app’s premium product—and at Duolingo, we like to continue to surprise and delight our learners! We sought inspiration from everything from video games to anime to comic books, and we noticed that lots of bigger, better, newer, faster versions of things were named “super.” Why not “Super Duolingo?” The name instantly felt like a winner. Also, we have to consider all of the languages our learners speak around the world, and it just so happens that “super” is a concept that’s easy to translate into many different languages. Win-win!

Once the name was decided, it was time to get to work on a new look for Super Duolingo. With a progress tracker, Unlimited Hearts, an ad-free experience, monthly Streak Repair, and much more, Super Duolingo is a faster, more fun way to use Duolingo, and we wanted a new look that communicated that sense of speed and energy. We tried a few entertaining directions—don’t miss Giant Duo in the sketches below—but the team unanimously loved Super Duo, with his glowing iridescent color scheme and laser light trail (call it a “Super Saiyan meets TRON meets vaporwave” vibe). We’ll miss seeing Duo and friends in space, but who needs a spacesuit when you’re super?!

Thanks to Greg Hartman, Joe Maccarone, and Robert Managad for their incredible illustration and design work turning Duolingo Plus into Super Duolingo, and thanks to the entire Super team for bringing it to life (and special thanks to former Duolingo design intern Yoshi Torralva for sparking the idea that kicked this project off).


How do I get Super Duolingo?

If you’re currently a free user of Duolingo, you can upgrade to Super Duolingo at any time in the app! You’ll be able to try Super free for 2 weeks before your subscription starts.

Do I lose any of the old features of Plus?

Nope, you keep all of the features you love from Duolingo Plus, nothing’s being removed or changed. Plus (no pun intended, but you can see why the new name is helpful), you get access to any new features we release. On that note…

Is there anything new with Super Duolingo?

We recently launched the Practice Hub for Super subscribers. This is a personalized tab for reviewing material and includes a ton of fun ways to practice! It changes every day with new challenges, and also has a dedicated place to review past mistakes from lessons!

Do I have to pay more for Super Duolingo?

Not at all! Super Duolingo is the same price that Duolingo Plus was, whether you pay monthly or annually. And don’t forget about our family plan, where you can add up to five friends or family members to one Super Duolingo account!

Can I gift a Super Duolingo subscription?

Yes! We recently launched a gifting program so you can gift a year of Super Duolingo to friends, family... anyone who wants to level up their learning! Learn more about gifting a Duolingo subscription here.

We love our new, glowing Duo and the entire Super Duolingo experience, and we hope you do too! If you have any more questions that aren’t answered here, visit the Duolingo Help Center.