At Duolingo, we’re always looking for ways to make learning more delightful—our platform only works if you want to return to your lessons every day! We have many ways of motivating our learners, like our leaderboards, the unhinged widget, and of course, the streak. All of these features are essential in helping learners feel like they’re making progress in their lessons. Learning something new isn’t easy–and deserves celebration! That’s why we’re offering a redesigned Achievements experience to make it more fun, and rewarding, to learn on Duolingo.

A selection of the new Achievements badges, with all of the world characters representing a different badge.

What does the redesign… achieve?

Currently, Achievements are badges buried in the profile page. They’re hard to find, and harder to celebrate! There isn’t an easy way for our learners to share their successes, and if you’re making it to the top of the Diamond League or hitting 100 Legendary levels, we want you to be able to share them with friends. Moreover, we want to make sure they look as exciting as possible—and there was room to improve.

A before and after showing old badges and new. On the left, Old badges (Sharpshooter, Regal, and Conquerer) on a user's profile. On the right, the profile screen shows a wider selection of badges, including Personal Records and Awards, with new designs featuring world characters.

With the revamped achievement system, you can now earn awards for major milestones as well as other unique accomplishments from learning on Duolingo. Some awards have different difficulty levels and you’ll encounter them all along your learning journey. There are some simple ones for beginners (like adding friends) and some rare badges for dedicated learners (like earning a year-long streak) plus some fun surprises along the way (like the night owl achievement!)

You’ll also be able to find all of your rewards in one place, so your achievements and other milestones collect on your profile like trophies on a shelf.

Introducing a new type of achievement… the personal record!

Have you ever had a day where you just crushed your lessons? Now, Duo will help you celebrate those personal records! When you hit new personal bests, like most XP earned in a day, you’ll get a shiny new badge to celebrate your win. We have some that track how much you did in a day, like perfect lessons and total XP, and some that track progress that you’ve made over time, like longest streak and best league finish.

Four personal best badges, from left to right: Longest Streak, Daily Most XP, Perfect Lessons, Highest League

Achievements are just one more way we encourage you to stick with learning—we know how hard it is to stay motivated, and we celebrate every day you return to do your lessons!