At Duolingo, we know how to make learning a language fun. From delightful characters to special rewards to competitive leaderboards, it almost doesn't feel like studying. But one of our favorite ways to use Duolingo is to do so with friends!

Wait, you haven't added any friends yet?! Adding friends can enrich your experience in so many ways. In fact, learners who add friends on Duolingo are 5.6x more likely to finish their course! Just visit the profile tab to find friends and sync your contacts to easily find people you know.

But that's not all. Here are a few ways you can interact with your friends on Duolingo!

Cheer them on when they hit a milestone

If you tap the bell icon at the bottom of your screen, you’ll be taken to your Feed. That’s where you can high-five friends for reaching exciting milestones, like 10 lessons in a day, a 365 day streak, or a promotion to the Diamond League. And don’t worry—they’ll cheer you on, too!

Compete together in a weekly Friends Quest

The Leaderboards are a great way to compete against a randomly-selected group of learners, but Friends Quests are a fun way to team up with your friends to complete a challenge! You have a choice: get randomly matched with a friend or choose your partner, and then compete in a weekly quest that will earn you a special reward! And now, iOS learners (and Android soon!) can choose the friend you compete with each week.

Friends Quest chest with one profile picture and one blank avatar. Copy says: "Choose your next partner! Friends Quest starts in 2 days."

Make your own Duolingo “family”

The Duolingo Family Plan lets you invite up to 5 people to one Super Duolingo account. And unlike other apps and websites, we don’t require you to reside in the same household or share the same name—friends, neighbors, or colleagues can be family, too! It’s a fun way to get your friends on Duolingo and split the cost of our premium subscription (which includes perks like no ads, unlimited Hearts, and access to our Practice Hub!)

Meet new people and get married

OK, we can’t guarantee this will happen, but just know that if you make friends on Duolingo you could end up meeting the love of your life. Just ask Rob and Amanda.