At Duolingo, we pride ourselves on hiring individuals who are passionate about our mission and want to use their expertise to change the world for the better. To give you a peek into what it’s like working for Duolingo, we’ve asked our team members to share more about their experience at the company! Today, meet Brian, Senior Android Engineer for Music!

Why did you choose Duolingo?

I’ve admired Duolingo for a long time. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon around the time the first version launched, and I signed up immediately. My 4-digit user ID often impresses my coworkers! My love for Duolingo deepened during a year of international travel, where I used the app to learn languages for each new country I visited. In my latest job search, Duolingo stood out as a company and product that had a personal impact on me. The company's culture and mission resonated with me, making it an ideal fit for my career.

What team do you work on? What excites you about what your team is doing? 

I work on building the Music course in the Android app. I joined right as the iOS course launched. It’s exciting to work in an area that so radically changes so many things about the in-app experience. We are building everything from scratch, and we get to help decide what this exciting new product can be.

What are some of the technical challenges you face as an Engineer?

Creating a new course with radically different experiences—such as song play —and integrating it into the existing language architecture is a significant challenge. Our team is also leading the way technologically in the Android app, as we are the first course to be built completely using Jetpack Compose. This has sped up our development, but also presents the challenge of how to integrate this new technology into the existing app, as well as unique challenges regarding app performance.

What is your favorite part about being an Android Engineer at Duolingo?

Before I joined, a big reason I loved the Duolingo app is that the Android app experience is so great, and now I understand why. Each person I have worked with clearly cares so much about building a premium experience.

What do you like most about Pittsburgh?

Returning to Pittsburgh has been a joy. After living in New York, San Francisco, and other places, I appreciate my walkable neighborhood with its great local restaurants and activities. Pittsburgh punches above its weight in arts, culture, and sports. It’s known as the Paris of Appalachia! Unlike some other places I have lived, I could afford a house here with a yard for my dog, and Duolingo even offers a bonus for first-time home buyers in Pittsburgh.

What are three words that describe Duolingo’s culture? 

  • Passionate: Everyone here cares deeply about their work, which is incredibly motivating and inspiring.
  • Mission-driven: The company's mission to develop the best education and make it universally accessible is a goal everyone works towards.
  • Collaborative: People go out of their way to help each other and the team. Everyone is on the same team and acts like it.

What is your favorite feature on Duolingo?

I love all the gamification features! Sometimes it can be hard to keep motivation to learn something, but I always feel like it’s worth my time to keep my streak going.

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