A few weeks ago we got a very sweet email:

Dear Duolingo Team,

I am Italian and my American girlfriend Kate is in love with Duolingo... she's learning my own language and she enjoys it so much that I'm wondering if I could ask you to set up an exercise for her that would lead to the big question:

"Will you marry Flavio Esposito?"

She would die if she saw this! Thanks so much for your time and consideration ;)

Best regards,

Who could resist that? Excited to help, we worked with Flavio to come up with a special love lesson that Kate would see the next time she logged in:




And then came the big question:


Would she say yes??? We weren't sure, so if the answer was "no" we were prepared with our crying mascot:


It was a suspenseful weekend for us (although not as much as for Flavio!), but she said YES!!!


Congratulations Flavio and Kate! We're honored to have been part of this special moment.