If you’ve ever wanted to be a character in the Duolingo world, now’s your chance: Duo-fy your persona with our brand-new Avatars!

A 5x3 grid showing 15 different possible Duolingo Avatars. The Avatars all have different hairstyles, facial expressions, skin tones, and other details.

This fun mix-and-match profile picture tool allows all learners to create a version of themselves that exists just in Duolingo. You can express your personality through silly expressions and immerse yourself in the Duolingo experience.

You can customize almost everything on your avatar, including: hairstyle, body shape, piercings, skin tones, accessories (like glasses), and more. And we’re always adding new customizations, so you can expect even more options very soon!

You can find the Avatar creator on your profile page. Tap your photo or use the settings gear to edit, and you’ll be taken to the tool and you can start building! Note: Once you change your profile to an avatar, you will no longer be able to upload a photo.

Three iPhone screens showing the Avatar Builder interface. At the top of the screen is a big square with the existing Avatar, and you can see different options below that the learner can choose.

Have fun with your Avatar! There are billions of possible combinations… so it’s very rare that any two would be alike!

Start building… and then get back to your lessons!