Anyone else feel like you blinked in January and now it’s October? Suddenly, Halloween parties are around the corner, and we all need a costume!

If you’re looking for a fun, easy outfit to rep your favorite language learning app…look no further. If you can take 15 minutes to practice your language, you can also take 15 minutes to put together a Duo-inspired costume with a few items you probably have around the house. One even involves a printable Duo the Owl mask!

Once you’re all dressed up, make sure to take a picture of your costume and tag us on social! Use the hashtag #Owloween and we might feature your outfit on our pages.

Get your owlfit ready!

Duolingo Costume Duo the Owl: In green pants and a green shirt, you’re almost Duo the Owl! Semicircles cut out of green paper mimic Duo’s feathers, and a pair of green gloves or mittens complete his “wings.” To take your owlfit to the next level (and you’ve come this far, so why not?), grab a Duo mask to really look the part. Extra credit: Find a pair of orange shoes to go all the way!

Duolingo Lily Costume Lily: All you need to think is “purple” to dress like this lovingly sarcastic teen. Go for a purple wig (or dye your hair if you dare) and a full purple outfit. Finish with some moody purple eyeshadow. Extra credit: Don’t forget to perfect your most exasperated eye roll.

Duolingo Practice Reminder costume Practice Reminders: You can literally become a signature Duolingo practice reminder with an all-black outfit and DIY your own notifications with paper and markers. Extra credit: Actually make people practice at the party. But don't go over the line.

Duolingo silly sentence costume Silly Sentence: This is kind of like a costume and a game all in one. Wear an all-white outfit, and then print out a bunch of words that you or friends can use to build the silliest sentences as part of your costume. Bring safety pins or velcro to keep the sentences changing throughout the night. Extra credit: Make them both silly and spooky (like: “The witch is making a banana salad.”).

Whether you go with one of these costumes or make up your own (anyone want to try and dress up like their streak?), we would love to see your Duo-inspired Halloween look. Tag us on Twitter or Instagram at @duolingo with the hashtag #Owloween and we may feature your costume!