It’s a huge accomplishment to maintain a streak on Duolingo—whether you have a streak of 7, 100, or 10,000 days, your streak shows your commitment to learning, and makes Duo very happy. (And we all want to keep Duo happy.)

We celebrate your streak in the app with the Streak Society, an exclusive membership for learners who hit certain milestone moments. But why wait for Duo to light himself on fire–here are a few ideas to celebrate your streak right at home!

  1. Frame an official(ish) streak certificate. We cannot promise that this certificate does anything in the “real” world, but in Duo’s world, this certificate is gold. (Print your own copy here!)
Image of a Duolingo Streak Society certificate that : [fill in name here] has been awarded a distinguished member of The Duolingo Streak Society. Together with all rights, privileges, and honors appertaining thereto, in recognition of the fulfillment of the blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights required of this unbelievable achievement. In testimony whereof, the seal and signatures as authorized by the board of trustowls are hereby affixed to this diploma.
  1. Treat yourself to a fancy meal. Learning French? Head to the nicest French restaurant in town. Italian? Try your hand at homemade pasta! See how many words from your new language you recognize on the menu, and enjoy a delicious celebration of your progress.
  2. Throw yourself a party. We’re making streak celebration parties a thing. We made party kits to prove it. Plus, we designed formal invitations you can send to family and friends (note the dress code). You can also queue up an on-theme playlist (we have a few we love!) and even make your own decor using the official Duolingo font, colors, and logo.
A picture of the Duolingo Streak Celebration Kit. A box with party items, like balloons, a sash, and a Duo banner, are in a box surrounded by confetti
  1. Dress up like Duo. Maybe you can’t play hooky. Instead, wear your streak on your sleeve—or face. No really, imagine walking into work wearing this wild Duo mask. People will be scared, excited, or both. (Okay, okay, we have more subtle options too.)
  2. Book a trip. We often hear from learners about vacations they’ve planned to immerse themselves in their new language. Take Tyler Ann, 13, whose parents promised they’d take her to Germany if she kept a 365 day streak in German. And she did it! They visited city and city last summer, and Ty had a blast: “We visited Frankfurt, Cologne, and spent time exploring along the Rhine river," she says. "Leading up to the trip, I was doing lessons in the morning and at night and pictured myself speaking the language in the lessons. My favorite places to practice German were at restaurants or the hotel. I can't wait to go back!"
  3. Play hooky. Duo is no doctor but he believes he can excuse you from work or other obligations if you get far enough on your streak. So he wrote you a doctor’s note. Use it wisely. 
Duo in a white lab coat is holding a clipboard with a doctor's note. The note reads: "To Whom It May Concern,  Upon careful examination, I have determined this patient is suffering from an acute case of strigiformophobia, which is a rare disease caused by exposure to novel linguistics.   Symptoms include: Sweating, fever, chills Chronic paranoia over fulfilling daily responsibilities A concerning, borderline pathological fixation with Dua Lipa Emotional distress from seeing corporate mascots in bikinis Uncontrollable diarrhea   Due to _________________’s ___-day streak, I recommend they refrain from strenuous activities or anything remotely productive. Instead, they should consider indulging in a gentle, restorative daily routine of completing fun, bite-sized lessons on Duolingo.  Please consider this individual excused from any other obligations. Failure to adhere to this medical advice may result in an aggressive legal action from our local injury attorney, Peter Francis Menchetti (Menchetti & Sons LLC.), and nobody wants that.  Best, Dr. Duo"
  1. Plan a fun outing with friends.  Melissa started learning French ahead of a family trip to Paris following her daughter’s graduation. After two months of prep, and a successful trip, she’s kept it up! With the trip behind her, she needed a new way to mark her upcoming milestone: a 365-day streak. So she found a few friends who would join her to celebrate: “I am planning to meet up with some other French language learners at Ladurée in Beverly Hills and have a "French only" afternoon tea together!” 🫖
  2. Bake a cake! We are so impressed by all of the learners who baked works of art to celebrate their milestones. We love this learner's cake—it seems like a really sweet way to celebrate! 🎂
  1. Try something new! We’re biased, but there’s no better way to celebrate learning than to… keep learning! Whether it’s trying a new language, or dipping your toe into math and music lessons, one of our favorite ways to celebrate is just by doing another lesson 😉

Surprise! One more fun idea...

We recently threw the ultimate streak party for one lucky learner, Livy, who just reached a 1,400-day streak learning Japanese! Duo teamed up with “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness to surprise Livy and celebrate her impressive progress Watch it here!

Two iPhone screens showing stills from the surprise party hosted by Duolingo and Jonathan van Ness. The left shows the learner, Olivia, hugging Duo while he's wearing a bikini. The right shows JVN presenting learner Olivia with a large certificate naming her a member of the STREAK SOCIETY