When we founded Duolingo 11 years ago, we set out on a mission: to develop the best education in the world and make it universally available. We focused on language first because we believe it’s one of the most powerful tools for creating economic opportunity and connection.

Since then, our learners have made new friendships, changed their careers, and challenged their brains by learning a new language. Our unique approach—bite-sized lessons, gamified features, and delightful characters—proves that learning can be both fun and effective.

People love us for the way we help them learn. And they’ve been asking for a long time to learn more… the Duolingo way. Now, we’re excited to announce an expanded Duolingo that does just that!

Duolingo characters Eddy and Junior on a podium. Streak flames blaze behind them. Junior is holding a calculator and Eddy is playing an electric keyboard. Country flags hover around them.

We’re bringing Math and Music into our app so that you can learn more subjects in one place. These subjects transcend cultures and people, just like languages do. Math and Music power personal growth, opportunity, and connection. And they’re mastered through foundational skills that are perfect to learn with our signature teaching method.

Three iPhone screens show different elements of the new Duolingo experience. The first shows a Math lesson where a learner calculates hourly wage. The second shows the course picker, with Math and Music icons next to a French course flag. And the third shows an iPhone oriented horizontally with a keyboard and staff of notes, and it is implied that the learner is playing along on the keyboard as the notes move on screen.

What does this mean for our app? It means that there’s more to learn than ever before. Just like you can switch between language courses, now you can also switch between all 3 subjects! Some of our learners may have tried Duolingo Math when it was in its early stages, and we’re excited to officially bring it into the flagship Duolingo app where learners can access all of our most-fun features, from completing Quests to climbing the leaderboard.

(Did you catch that? Now you can keep your streak alive by doing a Math lesson one day and a French lesson the next!)

If you missed Duocon 2023, you can learn more about Math, Music, and the new experience by watching co-founder Severin Hacker's talk below. Plus, sign up in the app to be the first to know when this expanded Duolingo is ready for you! We can’t wait to continue bringing new subjects to learners around the world, and continue making world-class education accessible and exciting for everyone on the planet.

Have some questions? We have answers!

Here’s everything you need to know about the expanded Duolingo app.

Who can access this new experience?

To start, Math and Music will be available globally in English and Spanish on iOS devices (OS 16 or higher), and we’ll be rolling out more widely soon!

Who are these new courses for?

Everyone! Math and Music offer something for every learner, from a beginner to those looking for a challenge or a little extra brain training. Learn more about our updated Math course and our brand-new Music course.

How do I add a new subject?

Just like you add a new language course, you can start learning Math or Music by navigating to the course picker, and then you can switch between subjects by clicking the course icon or flag in the upper lefthand corner of your screen.

How do streaks work?

Any lesson you complete in Duolingo will count towards your streak. This means you can do a Math lesson one day, a Music lesson the next, and a Spanish lesson after that!

How does XP work? What about XP Boosts?

Any XP you earn in any subject will count towards your total XP earned, so you can rise in the leaderboards with any course! Same goes for XP Boosts–if you earn an XP Boost in your language course, you can use that Boost across all of your subjects.

Do all subjects share the same Quests?

Yes! There may be certain Quests that only apply to one of the subjects you’re enrolled in (like, “Read the next story on your path”), but those related to things like XP, correct answers, or minutes studied can be completed by doing lessons in any subject.

Will you be adding more subjects?

Right now, we’re focused on building out our Music and Math courses. That said, this is just the start! Our vision with Duolingo is to build one app to learn anything, and adding Music and Math to Duolingo is a major step toward that vision.