Have you set your language goals for 2022 yet? It’s not too late! Whether you want to pick up an extra language, or become more comfortable in conversation before a big trip, a specific, personalized goal will help motivate you throughout the year. But if you need a little inspiration, we asked Duolingo employees to share what they're aiming to accomplish this year—feel free to borrow one of these fun resolutions!


Goal: Read in Russian

"My parents are from Russia and I grew up speaking Russian around the house, but my reading and writing skills are not as strong and I don’t have a super expansive vocabulary. I'm trying to even out my skillset, and to do that my resolution is to read three books in Russian!" - Nat Andreeva, Software Engineer II

Goal: Travel to Sweden…and speak with locals

“I want to travel to Sweden when it’s safe to do so (I was supposed to go to Sweden in 2020…), so my goal is to improve my Swedish, with the hope that Swedes will actually converse with me in Swedish when I visit. At the same time, I'm also resolving to learn German!” - Sarah Goodwin, Language Assessment Scientist

Woman shopping at a local market buying cheese

Goal: Learn French with my daughter

“I learned a bit of French in school, but recently I’ve started working with a French agency and picking up or remembering more of the language. I promised my eldest daughter I would take her to Paris for her birthday if she learned French along with me!” - Colin Watkins, Director of Regional Marketing (Europe)

Goal: Connect with my in-laws

“My in-laws speak Russian around the house, so my goal is to become conversant in Russian and surprise them during the holidays! I’ve tried to do this before, but the alphabet caused too much friction—now that I can learn the alphabet more easily, I’m hoping to level up this year!” - Paul Rothenberg, Senior Technical Program Manager

Goal: Learn new sounds

“I am looking forward to Zulu and Xhosa dropping on Duolingo in 2022 and the possibility of finding a conversational group to practice the clicks. I was trained on the clicks in a 6-week performance workshop for Disney's Lion King. Now I want to learn the actual languages! Also, I plan to go back to South Africa soon!” - Kendra Ross, Head of Social Impact

Goal: Achieve Legendary status

“My goal is to finish the Legendary Level for all skills in the Spanish course, and to read 10 books in Spanish!” - Meghan L., Software Engineer II

Duo the Owl reading a book

Goal: Improve my Spanish before a family trip

“My father-in-law is from Cuba, and my wife spent many holiday breaks there with relatives. We will take a three-generation family trip there in the spring, and I want to be able to order at restaurants, understand what people are saying, and be friendly and polite. We went last fall and I was pretty useless!” - Clark Munson, Localization Program Manager

Goal: Learn to read and write Telugu

“My parents speak Telugu, and that’s what I grew up speaking as well. Unfortunately, even my parents don’t read or write Telugu because they grew up reading and writing another South Indian language. My mom and I have decided we want to learn to read and write Telugu together this year!” - Lavanya Aprameya, Software Engineer II

Goal: Double my XP and communicate with a new friend

“We have a foreign exchange student from Italy, and I’m using Duolingo to learn Italian. I plan on doubling my 2021 XP in order to better connect with her and communicate with her parents and sister back in Italy.” - Sam Fleischmann, Senior Strategic Engagement Executive, DET

Woman Skyping with a friend on her computer

Improve Esperanto and French before a conference

“This year the World Esperanto Congress is taking place in Montreal, so my goal is to improve in both Esperanto and French by completing the Esperanto for French speakers course before attending the congress in August.” - Ramsey Cardwell, Assessment Scientist, DET

Good luck with your language goals, and remember: we’re here to help! Keep an eye out for more helpful posts from our experts on how to level up your learning.