No matter your language-learning goals—travel? family heritage? access to education?—there is one phrase that is sure to come in handy across the globe: thank you.

Whether it's a groggy "thanks" for your morning coffee, a heartfelt thank-you note to a generous friend (y'all still write thank-you notes, right?), a quickly-typed "ty" to a helpful coworker, or a tearful embrace upon reuniting with a loved one, there are almost as many ways to show gratitude as there are things to be thankful for, from French merci to Hebrew תודה רבה (todah raba)!

And at Duolingo, we've got over 500 million reasons to be thankful: YOU, our learners 💚 Here are some of the ways Duolingo employees say "thank you (very much)"—in our own languages!

How to say "thank you" around the world

Language "Thank you (very much)"
Arabic شكراً
Catalan (Moltes) gràcies
Chinese (Cantonese) 唔該(晒)
M goi (sai)
Chinese (Mandarin) (非常/) 感谢您 (polite)
Fēicháng gǎnxiè nín

多谢多谢 (informal)
Duōxiè duōxiè
Czech Děkuji (mnohokrát)
Dutch (Heel erg) bedankt
Esperanto (Egan) dankon
Finnish Kiitos (paljon)
French Merci (beaucoup)
German Danke
(Vielen Dank)
Gujarati (ખુબ ખુબ) આભાર
Khub khub aabhar
Hebrew תודה (רבה)
Todah raba
Hindi (बहुत) शुक्रिया
Bahut shukriya

बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद
Bahut bahut dhanyawad
Icelandic Takk (fyrir)
Italian Grazie (mille)
Japanese ありがとう
Korean 감사합니다 (polite)

감사 (informal)
Malay Terima kasih
Norwegian (Tusen) takk
Polish Dziękuję (bardzo)
Portuguese (Muito) obrigado/obrigada
Russian (Большое) спасибо
(Bol'shoye) spasibo
Serbian (Много вам) хвала
(Mnogo vam) hvala
Slovenian Hvala (lepa)
Spanish (Muchas) gracias
Swahili Asante (sana)
Swedish Tack (så mycket)
Tamil நன்றி
Ukrainian (Дуже) дякую
(Duzhe) dyakuyu
Urdu شکریہ
Yiddish אַ (האַרציקן) דאַנק
A (hartsikn) dank

No, thank you!

And there's lots more where that came from: Words and phrases for that show gratitude can vary across dialects of the local language, by how formal or casual you want to be, or even what you're thanking someone for! What are other ways you say "thank you"? Let us know by Tweeting at us @Duolingo... and thanks in advance! 😉