At Duolingo, we pride ourselves on hiring individuals who are passionate about our mission and want to use their expertise to change the world for the better. To give you a peek into what it’s like working for Duolingo, we’ve asked our team members to share more about their experience at the company! Today, meet Aliza: Senior Legal Advisor at Duolingo. Aliza joined Duolingo in 2019.

Why did you choose Duolingo?

Originally from Pakistan and having studied in multiple academic systems, I have seen firsthand the impact of education and how limited access to education is. Duolingo's freemium model means that anyone, anywhere in the world, irrespective of their financial situation, can learn a language.

But if I was asked to join Duolingo today, our TikTok presence may have also swayed my decision!

What are three words that describe Duolingo’s culture?

Challenging (pushed to grow), fast-paced and empathetic.

What is it like working in the Pittsburgh office?

Despite the growth in headcount, it still feels like a close-knit community. Fellow Duos will stop to say hello, and ask about you and your work, including everyone from the C-Suite to an entry-level Duo. And we always find a reason to celebrate, big or small. Thus there is always something to look forward to.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job?

Transparency across the board means that each Duo has visibility into company priorities and can see how their work contributes to those larger company-wide goals. While in a service function, I can still see my contribution to making the Duolingo product delightful and impactful.

What is unique about working at Duolingo?

It is rare to work for a company focused on making a positive contribution to the world that is universally recognizable and loved.

What is your favorite feature on Duolingo?

The competition! Every week the chase to the top of the leaderboard is thrilling, and it never gets old.

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