We launched the Duolingo English Test because we saw how technology could radically improve testing for students and institutions. This year, more test takers than ever took our test, many from the comfort of their own homes! As more and more institutions across the world accept the Duolingo English Test as proof of proficiency, our team continues to improve and enhance the test experience to best serve its global audience. Here are a few exciting updates we made to the Duolingo English Test in 2021!

We centered the test-taker

At Duolingo, we believe that the best way to do something challenging is to make it fun, and we take this same approach to the Duolingo English Test. Our assessment scientists do everything humanly possible to ensure that your test experience is low-stress — and, dare we say it, delightful!

Free test-readiness resources, a more affordable price point, intuitive UX design, shorter testing time, and fast score turnaround processes all contribute to an unparalleled “TTX,” or test taker experience.

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Image of laptop where the screen shows the Duolingo English Test

We expanded test access

One of the hallmarks of our test is our dedication to access. Our digital-first, computer-adaptive exam is available online, on demand, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. This year, more students than ever took the test, in over 12,000 cities around the world, from Ahmedabad to Zapopan!

Affordable, on-demand testing is especially important for test takers who are underserved in higher education. This year, not only did we offer over 10,000 fee waivers to support students in over 70 countries, we’re also partnering with UNHCR to hire a university counselor who will advise refugees as they navigate the university admissions and financial aid process.

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We improved security

By expanding access to English proficiency testing, the Duolingo English Test has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Advanced security protocols are necessary to ensure that every test taker's score is reliable.

This year, we hired highly trained experts to attempt to break into our systems, in order to expose and eradicate potential weaknesses in our security protocols.

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There's more to come

We’re proud of the hundreds of thousands of students we’ve assisted on their path to higher education all across the globe. Moving into next year, we will continue, as always, to explore ways to lower barriers in higher education, and to leverage technology to transform testing.

We continue to be inspired by the countless test takers, universities, institutions, counselors, and teachers who have joined our mission. Together, we’re transforming testing for good, and we’re just getting started!

Check out the video below to meet the community behind the Duolingo English Test: