Happy Valentine’s Day little fleas, little cabbages, and little potatoes!

What’s wrong?! Don’t you know that all of those are adorable pet names in other languages?

It’s true! Just like you might call someone “honey bunny” or “cutie pie” in English, other languages and cultures use different words to express affection to their loved ones. So this Valentine’s Day, try out a few of these fun pet names in other languages—because the more you say it, the more “my cabbage” actually sounds quite cute!

Duo the owl with hearts covering his eyes and his tongue out, looking very enamored. Behind him, a line of pink hearts behind him.

12 adorable pet names from around the world

Pet name Translation
Arabic يا كل حياتي: o, my whole life
Bengali লক্ষ্মীপেঁচা barn/white owl
Bengali সোনা পাখি bird of gold
Chinese 亲爱的 darling
French mon chou my cabbage
French ma puce my flea
German Süße/Süßer sweet one
Greek Μπουμπούκος blossom
Italian patatino/patatina little potato
Polish tygrysku little tiger
Portuguese mozão big love
Spanish mi media naranja my soulmate
Spanish bichito little bug

See? When we call you our little fleas, we do so with love ❤️

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